Life Skills for Teens

“If you have a coach helping you, developing your skills alongside you, that’s when you’re on your way to becoming not just a participant but achieving.”

— Lynn Davies

Do you want to see better results for your teenager? Do you want your teenager to be prepared to live independently?

If you answered yes, your teenager could benefit from using my services. Teenagers with basic life skills are often happier and more confident in meeting challenges. It is never too early or too late to start teaching kids independence and essential life skills.

I offer you an option to submit a safe, no risk Pre-Coaching Application. Submitting an application is an opportunity for me to get to know your vision and an excellent first step to create a better future for your teenager. Pre-Coaching Applications are designed to help you identify concerns and tailor coaching sessions.

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These are a few of the benefits your Teenager will see from our time together:


Receiving support and guidance for your teenager


Establishing a life skills development plan


Parents gain confidence in their teenager


Establishing resilience in your teenager


Building your teenager’s confidence and independence

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Pre-Coaching Application:

My coaching is designed to help your teenager reach their full potential. To start the journey, you have an option to submit a no risk, no pressure, Pre-Coaching  Application. This application is an opportunity for me to get to know your expectations and identify specific skills you feel your teenager needs to be successful in life. You can contact me to discuss how my services can help your teenager learn essential life skills.

Submit the Life Skills For Teens Pre-Coaching Application below and begin creating a life your teenager deserves.

Life Skills For Teens Pre-Coaching Application

Let’s begin the journey for establishing the tools your teenager needs to be successful

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Frequently Asked Questions


How would my teenager benefit from using your services?

I will help your teenager establish confidence, independence and resiliency. You will gain a peace of mind and confidence as your teenager develops essential life skills they will need to thrive on their own. Together we will work on promoting a growth mindset in your teenager and establishing good habits to empower them to reach their full potential.


“Steve has mentored me since I was 15 years old, and his guidance has helped me achieve my dreams of becoming a teacher and a coach.”

— Cody E , High School Teacher and Coach


What happens during life coaching sessions?

My coaching begins with establishing trust and showing that I care about helping your teenager transition successfully into adult life. Sessions are designed to provide a safe environment for learning and applying specific skills they need to become an independent and successful adult.

I will help guide and support your teenager and empower them to establish confidence and a belief in themselves. I will use a customized checklist to assess your teenager’s progress and guide them to avoid potential landmines that often negatively impact future outcomes.


How frequent are your coaching sessions?

This is determined by many variables and you can discuss with me an option that works best for you. I consider financial, personal and scheduling needs.


How do I know you will be a good fit for my teenager?

I encourage you to call and discuss your concerns and goals you have for your Teenager. You will realize that I genuinely care about the development of your child and I am passionate about helping them achieve their dreams.


What is the cost of your coaching?

Each client is unique and the depth, frequency and cost of services can vary. I tailor coaching sessions to accommodate your needs.


What if I have additional questions for you?

You can contact me directly with any further questions.

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